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Candy Colored Owl

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Harvest Mural

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Phantom of the Opera Mural

Jeffrey's incredible pencil, pen and ink artwork was recently displayed in  a show at the University of Central Florida.

Ugly Duckling No More

We are a family of artists, spanning four generations...

abet each with a different style and preferred medium.

Handcrafted Quality


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Alpine Village Mural

​Alice in Wonderland Mural

Under the Sea




Follow the Yellow Brick Road Mural

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Me Myself and My Tail

Santa's Castle Mural

These two murals are used as backdrops for Santa during the Holidays..

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Not for reproduction

Winter Goddess Headdress

Michele is an incredible multi-talented artist. Her India themed body art representing healing as well as two of her beautiful headdresses were featured  recently at both the Jacksonville Art Walk, and the Orlando Museum of Art First Thursday events.

Michele, as exhibited by her beautiful and vibrant Sunrise at the Taj Mahal painting shown below, is also a very gifted fine artist. Her preferred medium is acrylics. This painting was recently displayed at the Orlando Museum of Art Travel Show.

"Multi-talented Daughter, Michele Ann Lacy, is an accomplished mural and body-art painter. Her stunningly beautiful, custom designed backdrops serve as focal-points for a variety of themed community events and festivals. She often accents her finished body-art art with stunningly dramatic headdresses for her models. In addition, Michele is a very accomplished fine artist."

"Granddaughter, Dr. Lacy Elizabeth Mason, began her artistic journey as a face-painter working in her Mother's business. Become accomplished at her craft, Lacy added balloon twisting and character /  princess impersonations  to her growing skills, branched out, and began her own successful party business while in college. Like her Mother, she also applies her skills to canvas, creating unique, whimsical paintings that are highly sought after."

"Our family's newest artist is Grandson, Jeffrey Peterson. Jeffrey surprised us several years ago when he revealed his incredibly detailed pencil renderings of various movie characters. To say our jaws dropped to the floor was an understatement. This young man is talented! Upon receiving a Holiday gift of pen and inks, he immediately applied that medium to his work with astonishing results. Two of his drawings were featured in a show at the University of Central Florida this past fall. Recently, Jeffrey indicated he would like to branch into oil painting. I can only imagine what great things lie ahead for this very promising artist."

"Great Grandma, an artist herself, would be so proud."

J. Lacy Coughlan 

Artwork images are copyright protected.  ​Please contact Michele Ann Lacy at Merry Minstrel LLC regarding her own or the artwork of these family members.