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22 x 28" oil on linen.  Part Arab, part Spanish Barb, these sure-footed, sturdy ancestors to today's wild Mustangs were highly prized by the Native American tribes who made their home on the vast plains.

Gallery Show Project



Recently completed and available for sale. Gallery framed 28 x 22" original oil on linen.

​                       Chorus Line.

Opening night. Rhonda Richley's Bare Naked Trees

From the artist - Below are a few of the latest paintings from my new collection of American wildlife. Big horn sheep, coyote, cougar, mule deer, owls and water birds,  mustangs and wolves will be some of the animals depicted.  

Sold at a recent art show was this 16 x 20" original oil titled After the Storm. The painting will make its new home in New England. 

Not for reproduction

Every once in a while I get the pleasure of working with my Daughter, Michele Ann Lacy, on a fun artistic project. Shown, are the four dryad models we body painted (with the assistance of artist, Doreen Lazzano) for Rhonda Richley's Bare Naked Trees show at City Arts Factory, Orlando FL this past October.

Daughter Michele designed the fabulous headdresses our models are wearing, while I created their flowing skirts.

Not for reproduction

Low Country Bound 

22 x 28" oil on linen depiction of five Rocky Mountain Bighorn rams.

Not for reproduction