​​​The artist / designer makes her home in Central Florida where she is one of the leaders in the Royal Highlands Artistic Souls Art Group and Chairman of the Celebration of the Arts Expo. She teaches oil painting, paper collage, basic elements of layout and design, and other art related workshops.

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Shown above - Sawgrass, Everglades NP, Florida



​​​J Lacy Coughlan works primarily in oils, which according to the artist, “…are flexible, forgiving and don’t mind if you have four different colors on your brush at one time.”

She grew up in rural Pennsylvania, and from a very young age began sketching and painting the animals and country roads, fields and orchards that surrounded her. While in high school, an art teacher entered one of her projects in a student exhibition. The piece won Best of Show and an artist was born.  After graduation, she continued her formal studies, at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in fine art, in addition to attending workshops and mentoring with notable contemporaries, which combined with life experience, have all served to shape the artist she is today. 

Jeannie calls her style “…a mix of surreal and realism with a hint of the mystical and magical tossed in.” She works in layers of colors, first applying a base under-painting, sometimes two, in contrasting hues before actually beginning a piece.  Her focus is wildlife and nature, although she occasionally paints portrayals of children engaged in youthful activities, as well as thought provoking surreal images.

Thanks in part to her naturalist / photographer husband, she often works from photographs, or the inspiration of a legend chanced upon during one of their trips west. As a result, many of her paintings, such as her Horses of the Sun and Guardian of Aqua Canyon have an engaging story behind them. 
The recipient of both artistic and community service recognition, Jeannie believes in giving back, and has donated artwork to charitable events benefiting local children’s hospitals, medical centers and schools. It has been these volunteer opportunities that the artist holds most dear;  such as the Red Wagon floats her creative team designed to benefit Wolfson Children's Hospital. Their Harry Potter, Rainywith a Chance of Meatballs and Sesame Street float projects, complete with custom designed character costumes,  were all labors of love.

​​​​​​Design and writing are her second loves.

There are so many interesting creative venues: fabric arts, quilting, photography, home and Holiday decor, dried and silk flowers to name a few. And yes, time and energy permitting, she dabbles in many of them, finding it emotionally rewarding to craft the floral bouquets for a bridal party, or decorate a community center for the Holidays. 

As for writing... much of her  thirty plus year corporate career was spent as a communications specialist and copy writer. It seems only natural she applied that experience, together with her journalism studies, toward personal writing, abet more creatively. 

Jeannie has four Indy published books available on Amazon, including the factious memoir, Crabshell, an Amazon novel contest quarter finalist. Presently, she is working on a murder mystery manuscript.