Handcrafted Quality

​​​"After nearly thirty-five years as a communications and management specialist, I made the decision to step away from that world and concentrate on my art, design and creative writing, exchanging cubicles and deadlines for boondocks and simplicity." 

"I've never looked back." 

"An artist for most of my life, my earliest work was displayed on classroom bulletin boards. Years later a high school art teacher entered my work in an exhibit at Carnegie Mellon University. It won Best of Show. More exhibitions, university studies and art shows followed and a career was born." 

"I work primarily in oils, but occasionally delve into watercolors and pastels, often using the photography, sketches and notes from travels as inspiration or reference for new paintings. My Horses of the Sun, a collection of six oil canvases, was inspired by the Navajo legend I learned about on one of our trips  through the southwest." 


Shown above - Sawgrass, Everglades NP, Florida



​"Design and writing are my second loves."

"There are so many interesting creative venues: fabric arts, quilting, photography, home and Holiday decor, dried and silk flowers to name a few. And yes, time and energy permitting, I dabble in many of them.  I find it very rewarding to craft the floral bouquets for a bridal party, or decorate a community center for the Holidays and  always strive to leave my customer's smiling with delight at the completed work."

"Often, it has been the volunteer opportunities that I hold most dear, such as the Red Wagon floats our creative team designed to benefit Wolfson's Children's Hospital. Harry Potter, Rainy with a Chance of Meatballs and Sesame Street (complete with custom designed character costumes). The projects were all a labor of love."

"Lastly, much of my corporate career was spent as a communications specialist and copy writer, so it was only natural to apply this experience together with my journalism studies toward personal writing, abet more creatively. " 

"I have four Indy published stories and books available on Amazon, including the factious memoir, Crabshell, an Amazon novel contest quarter finalist. Presently, I am working on a murder mystery manuscript."
J. Lacy Coughlan

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