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               Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a Giclee Print?

Giclee prints are professionally rendered reproductions that are produced photomechanically using high resolution digital images of the original art.  Each of my Giclees is printed on 16″ x 20″ Epson Archival Matte paper, mounted on foam core,  double matted and signed. This format allows easy and affordable framing in a ready-made frame (not included).  The actual image size is 11″x 14". 

Giclee prints are $75 each and includes standard shipping and handling within the continental United States.   All payments via PayPal.

Should I Purchase a Giclee Print?
It is completely up to you. Giclees are signed reproductions, but not limited editions. 

What is a Gallery Wrapped Canvas?

Gallery wrapped canvas is stretched over a wooden frame that is more substantial than standard profile stretched canvas. Usually 1-3/8 to 1-1/2″ in thickness.  These canvases are much higher in quality than most traditional profile canvas. By comparison, traditional profile stretched canvas is on a 3/4" frame.

Gallery profile (or wrapped) canvas usually have the main image extended (painted) on the edges so that you have the option, as in a contemporary setting, of not framing the art, or if you are traditional, framing is still an option.  A "canvas floater" stye frame is a good choice for gallery wrapped paintings.

It is recommended to have art that is produced on traditional profile canvas, professionally framed. ​

What is Original Art?
Original art is a one-of-a-kind creation, be it a painting, copper work, drawing, mixed media or other artistic medium. Original art is considered to be  more valuable and collectible than a reproduction.

Is your Original Art Framed?
Yes, the majority of my originals are gallery framed and ready to hang. I choose every frame to compliment the completed painting. All frames are custom made by my supplier and of excellent quality.  I personally complete the framing of all of my pieces.

Can I see the original art before I complete my purchase?
Yes, there is a way, but original pieces of art are final sales. If you are unsure of what you want, and I cannot arrange a preview as outlined below, I recommend ordering a Giclee instead.

If you are near a reputable gallery and if the gallery will agree to it, I will gladly send the original work of art to the gallery (provided it is of shippable size) for your final approval. I require a 50% deposit on the work to facilitate this. If you decide you do not want the work of art, shipping to and from the gallery, all gallery service fees and any damages to the piece will be deducted from your deposit. Once the piece returns to my studio and has been inspected, a refund for the difference will be issued.

Do you offer financing or layaway?
Yes. I offer a layaway option on artwork priced $500 or more. Layaway is for three to six months with the buyer making regular monthly payments. When all payments are complete, the art is shipped.

Do You Offer a Delivery and Hanging Service for your Original Art?
Yes. I offer delivery, but only within 100 miles of my Orlando studio. This service is available for ORIGINAL artwork only and does not apply to Giclees. Price varies by work of art and destination.

Can you custom create a piece of art?
Yes. I accept commissions and can create an original piece of art from customer photographs, ideas, decorative styles and more, for your home or as a gift you wish to give someone. When inquiring about a commissioned piece, please fill out the contact form with complete details. Once an agreement is made, there is a 50% deposit before the work begins. You will be sent photos via email of all the in-progress stages for approval, assuring you of loving your piece. A commissioned piece is neither returnable nor refundable as it is created just for you.

Who owns the copyright?
J. Lacy Coughlan owns the copyright for all of her artwork and photography. You cannot reproduce it, use it on websites, in / on any printed or digital material, or in any other manner. You cannot use it as a greeting card, make copies to give to friends or share it on social media. This is standard for all artists in the United States. If you wish to use an image of her work in some manner, please contact the artist with your request and detail how and where it will be used and she will let you know if it is available in that manner and if there would be a charge for using the image.

Why? J. Lacy Coughlan's art is licensed on many products and if you use the art in any manner you may be violating her contract with other companies, as well as violate the US Copyright law.

More questions?
Anything I have not answered here, I will happily answer via email.