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 Zion NP, Utah

San Juan Skyway

Snowfall on the Rockies - Colorado

Kodachrome SP, Utah

​   Photo Gallery.

Glouster Bay, MA

River of Grass, Everglades, Florida

Old Watermill along Skyline Drive NC

Flamingo, Florida

Longhorn, Ft. Davis TX

Everglade Sunrise

Badlands, South Dakota


Forestry chopper taking on water at Roberts Lake, Gila NF, NM


Wupatki - Sunset Crater - Arizona

White Sands - New Mexico

​Teepee formations, Painted Desert, AZ

Shown above - J. Lacy Coughlan, Death Valley

Bourne Bridge - Cape Cod

“I am a professional artist and designer who dabbles in photography; thank you awesome photographer husband, William Delorey, for the lessons. This gallery contains a selection of copyrighted photos from our travels throughout the U.S.…Grand Canyon NP… Majestic Zion… The stunningly golden brilliance of the San Juan Skyway in autumn… A Flamingo pink sunrise over Long Pine in the Florida Everglades… Cloud covered Lake Champlain after a storm… Our country truly is beautiful."

“While on the road, I keep a detailed journal of the places we visit; adding research notes on their history and lore, and appending thumbnail sketches and artistic details; the precise color of pine needles on ancient juniper, or the rainbow hues of a rock formation. From these entries and the photography that supports them, I compose articles and short stories for publication. The ideas for many of my original paintings also come from these notes."

J. Lacy Coughlan

                                                               A selection of my photography is shown below. 

These and many other images are available at J. Lacy Coughlan's page at or contact the artist directly.  Double matted prints available for $75.00 each - includes standard shipping and handling within the continental United States. All payments via PayPal. Commissions accepted for copy, editorial and photo assignments. 

All photography is copyright protected. 

San Antonio Mission

​Oregon Coast

 South Rim Grand Canyon

Walnut Canyon Cliff Dwelling, AZ