All Is Calm

"Although I love creating my little girls and boys and angel dolls, I always envisioned making a mermaid.  There seems to be so few of them around.  Revising my doll body pattern, I designed a tail to replace the doll legs and purchased some colorful material and trims. Mermaids after all, have to be sparkly. As I was working one day, a friend picked up the 'tail' lying on my work table and began to wiggle it back and forth; asking why my mermaid did not have a 'flexible' tail. Thus improvements are made to new ideas."  

J. Lacy Coughlan                                                                                         


Shown above and below are just some of the soft body dolls that have recently sold or are  still available.  

Dolls are approximately 18"-20" tall and are priced at $75 - $125 each depending upon costume and trims.

Shown below, these little cuties are called Mini Mers. They have cuddly fiberfill bodies with floppy tails and soft yarn hair.  Available in an assortment of colors and patterns.   Approximately 12" tall. $20.00 each.​

Holiday Sampler

Do You See What I See?


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​Let It Snow Tree Skirt

You Are Not Alone

 Sparkly jewels and colors of the sea... Mermaids           

"Faith was very plain compared to the dolls I make today. When completed, I took her into the office to show my co-workers who quickly critiqued her; voicing comments and suggestions as they inspected my creation.  'The doll needs socks and shoes... Where is her petticoat?... More lace and ribbons would be nice.'  I tried to please everyone, and my dolls improved from the effort.  Thank you one and all."


Peace and Joy

Autumn - Quilt and Close-up of Details

Needle-painted (Embroidey Embellished) Quilted Wall Hangings

​"What is needle-painting-painting?  Needle-painting is the art of using a variety of hand-embroidery stitches to creatively embellish an image on fabric and/or select fabric pieces. I create needle-painted / quilted wall hangings from both pre-printed and pieced scenic fabric panels. Medium weight quilt batting is first basted to the panel, then it is embroidered. To complete, the panel is backed with coordinating fabric and finished with a pieced border or decorative binding. Fabric tabs are added for hanging."

"​If you love  to sew, quilt or do embroidery, and this sounds like something you would like to learn, I can teach you. Both individual and group classes are available."

J. Lacy Coughlan 

Below are some of my needle-painted quilt hangings that have been displayed in galleries and quilt guild events.

Fabric Arts

Keeper Of The Wishing Stars

Quilt and Close-up of Details

Little Sweethearts shown above are 12" tall. They are soft and cuddly and only $25 each.

Shown below are larger mermaids, also my own design. These mermaids are over 24" tall and feature a flexible tail. Available in an assortment of colors and patterns and fancifully adorned with satin ribbon, faux jewels and lace.  $75-$125 each.


Christmas Angels Flying High


    Soft body dolls...

Pinafores and petticoats, layers of ruffles and lace and everything nice.

"When I was just a little girl, my Auntie Celia began teaching me needlework. I learned to crochet and knit, to embroider and do fine hand work. Like many young girls, I also loved dolls and it
 wasn't long before I used my blossoming sewing skills to design dresses for them. Years later, I worked in the collectibles industry. More dolls, and my small collection of craft show purchases out of the way shop finds and the occasional gift from a traveling friend, expanded. Eventually, I combined my love of dolls with my artistic and sewing skills, to create my own soft-body dolls. The very first doll I made was an angel doll.  I named her Faith, hoping that she would be the start of something wonderful."  



"Each of my dolls is a unique, hand-crafted original. They are available in cream, honey, chocolate, blossom or cotton muslin bodies, with a wide variety of hair and eye colors. The jointed cloth bodies are stuffed with non-allergenic fiber fill. They have yarn or rag hair, button eyes, and a small button heart. All clothing is hand-made of quality materials however, because these are artist dolls, their clothing is not removable. Note: due to their hand-made quality, the dolls will have small imperfections."
J. Lacy Coughlan